I am starting to think that I am not good enough for love or a decent relationship, can someone give me some advice?

I just broke up with someone who was not treating me right. He would play mind games, blow me off, give excuses for his poor behavior and why he ditched me and then would make me look like I did wrong! I have dated a few different guys since I was 15 and they all seem to have a similar patern; they show interest in me, always want to be around me and talk to me and act all nice. Then after a month, a year or whatever they start acting like asses. I dont cheat or lie so I dont get why I get accused or treated like a piece of garbage, I overall am a decent person who just wants honesty and love but everyone I have dated is rude, childish or just plain fake. What can I do? Is there anything I can do or change? I am tired of being alone and feeling alone in relationships 😞


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  • The main issue is what you said at the end. I've been there. But the problem is if you are tired of being alone someone will be tired of being with you. If you bore yourself, you will bore someone else. I became an intellectual, philosopher etc and I couldn't get women to leave me alone. Start seeking being a more depth person who has something thing to share, teach, and receive concerning life experience. When our live becomes monotonous like a robot and we are always looking for external entertainment rather than being the source of stimulation than that person with you will do the same. I had to take my own advice years ago and trust me works x1000


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  • I have went through this a few times in relationships and believe me thats its not you... but the guy. Some guys just switch it and change. And believe me sometimes some men want you to chase after them and give in to their needs. Nope not happening. Its so much you can do, im sure you have needs and things that you need to take care of. So why bother to keep trying to be with a guy that does not appreciate or keep brushing you off? Its going to be hard at first because a lot of times you will tell yourself that you want to make it work and you keep him around. But no matter how hard you try, men like that need to change on their own. And it takes for you to completely cut him off for awhile for him to realize what he has.


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  • Donald Trump rapes little girls and still found three wives and god only knows how many mistresses. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find someone too.

    The first thing you need to do is give yourself time to move past the bad and get into a better place. Then you need to make yourself a priority. People can't treat you like a doormat if you don't let them.

  • GO AFTER SHY NERDY GUYS!!! Why must I repeat myself? Not to your question. Just your type of question. Shy and nerdy guys never get any girls. So bet your butt that they'll worship you if you gave them the chance. Sure, they might not have sex appeal like the hot guys or "man whores"/players. But that can build over time. You just have to build up his confidence. It's SO much easier to build up a nerds confidence than it is to change a player's jerk personality.