How to tell a guy you like him?

I like this guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me back because when he looks at me he usually blushes, he always teases me, he tries to figure out who I like and he looks at me a lot. I want to know how to tell him I like him...


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  • Best way is to tell him you think he is cute and ask if he'd like to go out during the weekend/after school.
    If you can't bring yourself do be that direct try these:

    Compliment him about his appearance
    you have such nice eyes, I love that deep blue color.
    Your have such a beautiful smile. I love it when you smile
    I love it when you blush! It's really cute.

    Lightly touch/tap him on the forearm or shoulder area when you are talking.
    "omg, [puts hand on shoulder] you won't believe what happened today. blah blah blah [takes hand off] blah blah balh"

    Ask him what he usually does on the weekend and keep pointing out how you wish you had something to do this weekend. If he doesn't say anything ask him if he has any ideas about what's fun to do.


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  • Lol are you a freshmen? I was just like this with the first guy I liked, literally go over and flirt ask him his hobbies then say you want to hang out, while hanging out drop hints and be very physical. Harold his hand, tell him he has an eyelash on his face just to get close to him, hold his shoulders, touch knees, share a meal. Literally anything you can do to make him feel fluttery. Or, you know you can just say " I like your face" and see where that leadsπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

    • Well the only way we talk is in teasing eachother Because we don't know how to properly talk to eachother XD I know it sounds bad but it's quite fun.

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    • Good lmao adiosπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

    • Bye! Thanks for the tips!

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  • There are a lot of ways. If you're confident that he likes you back, then without a doubt ask him out. For example, say something like "hey you want to meet up later" or "hang out later?" I don't know something along those lines.

    • Im not confident without a doubt but he does show clear indications

    • That's fine. Then just ask him if he wants to go out later or meet up, something like that. And at the end of the "date" tell him your feelings. Like "I really enjoyed being with you tonight. Want to meet up again?" Don't necessarily say exactly what I'm saying or do what I'm saying. I'm just giving you ideas

  • Be bold and ask just be honest with yourself, usually when a guy adores or likes someone a lot they can't stop looking at them. The reason being is that their smile from reacting when you see them looking means the world to them, it keeps them going. Or so it does for me anyway.

    • Well I just can't bring myself to do so..

  • Simple: I like you

  • Get to talking or texting and make a very subtle playful joke like so when are you gonna take me out already, play it off like its a joke but the both of your body language will tell the truth. It leaves it in his hands to make his move on it.


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  • Step 1 : open mouth
    Step 2 : breathe in
    Step 3 : open vocal cords
    Step 4 : say "I like you"
    Step 5 : close mouth

  • just simply crack a joke, "I like you" then smile. Look his reaction...

    I did say I like someone through text, and he said "me too"