Am I dumb for doing this?

1.5-2 years ago i met this girl in my class, things were working smoothly, she came with me to a basketball game and I asked her out. Unfortunately, she said she broke up with her boyfriend and it wasn't pretty, I was obviously understanding, so we stayed friends. In the meantime, I tried to be nice, be friends, and tried to show my good side, and I think she knew that. So on my birthday she told me she was dating someone, on my birthday. So I told myself that I was never going to go out with her again because she told me on my birthday first of all and she made it seem like she had a messy breakup 6-7 months before. Now I have had my doubts that she had a boyfriend but she kept it going and now a year later, we are going out to lunch, haven't seen her personally for 6 months but we've stayed in touch, she told me she broke up with her boyfriend. Now on the days she reserves for her boyfriend we are hanging out again catching up on some tv shows. What i'm concerned with is not her feelings towards me but me developing feelings. First of all, regardless if she likes me or not, why am I giving her a chance, she didn't choose me, she either had a boyfriend or lied to me, and she told me on my birthday. I am going to see her Friday night for movie night. What am i suppose to think?


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  • I would be very mad too. But maybe she knows she made a really bad mistake. She knows she messed up and maybe she wants to make it right. I mean i wouldn't jumo into anything i would talk it slow and see where it goes. But be honest about it tell her how you feel on this situation

    • i mean there is no guarantee there is anything, she hasn't shown me anything besides saying yes to hanging out on the days she had for her boyfriend. I told her lets be friends a long time ago because it was the truth.

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  • For me i would never date an attention whore like her she is obviously uses you after she had no boyfriend i think she just run to have sex and that's it no relationship