Kissed on 3rd date, received cold shoulder on the 4th. What does this mean?

At the end of our third date, he kissed me and almost two weeks later finally texted me and asked to see me again. Twice more before our date he said he wanted to see me and was looking forward to it.
Naturally, I was excited to see him again. We texted a few times during the day to figure out what we were doing that night but when we finally met up, he was acting really strange. Hardly said a word to me, ordered his meal and ate in silence while looking at his phone.
Later, we got dessert and he did make a little small talk but it all felt soo forced and he seemed so disinterested in being around me.
He lives exactly 3 minutes from my house and usually offers to drop me as I use public transport to get around. This time he just asked me if I was taking the bus home, hugged me goodbye and left.
haven't heard from him again. Help me make sense of this please?


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  • Sounds like something turned him off to you, but he still went through with the date rather than blowing you off. And THAT is the part I don't understand.

    What kind of things do you have on social media? My first guess is he saw something on Instagram, Fakebook, Twatter, whatever, that made him Nope the fuck on outta there.


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  • He sounds like an asshole. Maybe something was going on with him but then he should have rescheduled. Don't bother with him again.


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  • Doesn't sound like he cares, or at lease cares enough. If I liked you, I wouldn't wait 2 weeks to text you, and even if I didn't like you, I would NEVER let you take the bus home when I have a car. If I didn't have a car, I would take the bus with you.

    Its hard to say what is going on in his head, but you are not a priority to him.


  • You have herpes simplex 1


What Girls Said 1

  • It means he feels indifferent towards you Let go of anyone who gives you the cold shoulder.