Guys, Giving up the good fight?

I`ve been getting some F*cked up advice lately about guys and which way I should go with one I am interested in. The other day , I asked him if he was free , he responded very quickly and he seemed enthusiastic that I asked him. He told me he would find out and let me know... and nothing. Its been 4 days ! A few things : If I text him first ( which I have for the last 2 times ) he always responds and pretty quick , we`ve talked on the phone a few times. I know he is busy , but how hard can it be to follow up? . I don't like to text first but lately I have been and my fear is that he thinks I'm desperate and needy. Some say call him ( I refuse ) , others say toss him to the wolves. I honestly don't know which way to go with this guy , he seems interested and happy when I reach out to him but then says nothing. I need advice !!!


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  • He doesn't respond get back to you on for a date and doesn't proactively text you, it doesn't matter if he likes you or not, he is not going to show it, which is a good as not liking you. I understand busy, you need someone who will take time for you,

    On the other hand, when you find someone who will take time for you and treat you like a priority, don't play games with who is going to call who and who is going to text. Be open an honest with that person and expect them to be with you. When you find him, cause I don't think this guy is it.


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  • If you were older, I'd say toss him because he clearly doesn't value you enough to not leave you hanging. If he was interested, he would have secured this date days ago. However, you two are really, really young and young people just tend to be flakey. If you are into this guy, go ahead and call him. If nothing happens after that, then you know he wasn't really interested and you can move on. Is it a little demoralizing to put yourself out there only to get rejected? Yeah, but you're young. You should live like you have no fear!

    • I am going to toss him , even though I am younger than he is , I do not like for my time to be wasted. No , not really because I honestly didn't / don't feel rejected probably because it doesn't really bother me that much.