How long were you separated or divorced before you felt ready to date again?

Have any of you got married again? How many had a 'transitional relationship' before settling down with someone new?


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  • I can't speak for myself specifically but it really depends on why you decided to move on and separate and or divorce. My boyfriend got married, he was already reluctant to get married after he was starting to see signs of mental illness in his wife at the time, the years only got worse, I think the year that we met they decided or he did that he could no longer be living with someone whose so manic and depressed, not to mention she travelled for a few months at a time too. Separation it is- a year and a half later, earlier this fall the divorced papers were finalized. He's never felt so loved by someone in his life. So again it depends on why the marriage ended and if it was a good or bad one, feelings have their way of popping up in ways you wouldn't think of. A lot of people would accuse people of moving on too fast but its all about how you're feeling.

    • Thank you - I've just started dating a man who is separated and about to go through a divorce. He ended things with his wife in March this year but things hadn't been going well for a few years (they were married for 4). I've never been married. We have a connection and things are going very well between us so far (it's getting better and better). He says he's ready and wants to have another relationship - I suppose although it's going well I'm still cautious, hence the question!

    • What a coincidence my boyfriend and his ex were married for 4! I had a sense of panic for a second haha. I mean just because you're the first relationship after the separation doesn't mean it can't be for real and long term x


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  • 3 months- 3yrs depending on length of relationship

  • like a year