Are some women cool with men being straight up with them?

A lot of women like men who play that tug of war shit but I don't know thats really not my thing. Ill approach a female and tell her I'm interested and if she's not I move on. I don't know why some women like that tug of war shit my game is straight forward and boring i guess lol...


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  • I'd love love love that!!!


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  • comeone now he never said anything about being aggressive, i acutally like what he said, you see a girl eyeing you, you find her attractive, walk up to her and say hi whats your name or something along the lines , then tell her you find her interesting and want to get to know her more if possible, if she says yes and gives you her number i guess she is interested if she starts giving you excuses or avoiding your question , no need to continue.

    • Thank you. Im gonna ignore that chick, the seems lonely. I don't even recall saying anything about being aggressive in my approach. A no means a no...


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  • If you're the type to approach girls in a aggressive way, you're sick


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