He asked me out and then disappeared?

So here's the story. I met this guy in a production we were both in (both of us are actors). In the month we knew each other he would stare at me a lot, whenever i wasn't around he was an explosion of personality and then when i was there he would shut down, leave every time i talk to him, and the rare moments we talked he touched me a lot. he seemed really genuine so i didn't think he was being cold with me on purpose (there were a few times he did try to talk to me, and when he did he was really timid). the times i wasn't giving him much attention he would run after it and put a lot of effort to talk to me. after a while of this I started getting the feeling that it was all in my head that he wasn't interested and even on the last night when we were all at a bar together he didn't speak to me. every time i tried to talk to him he would leave and he would only talk to people near me. i gave up and as i was saying the "have a nice life goodbye" he asks me out. i say yes. he was going on a trip and he said when he gets back we should grab dinner and start something. i text him a week later asking how he's doing. he says he was back and asked how i was. that one text was all i got. its been two weeks and i haven't heard form him or got a response to my second text. Just be honest, is this a game? did he lose interest? i feel so stupid for having to ask...


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  • He probably was interested but just forgot about you or something else caught his attention. Lol I did that same exact thing once, sometimes life gets in the way.

    • The makes sense, thank you

    • Sorry it turned out that way. I mean it sucks holding your breath for someone who doesn't really care

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  • He probably lost interest/met someone else.