Cheating Ex Jealous?

My ex cheated on me but still wanted to be friends. He broke up and try to make a girl his girlfriend but that girl already had a boyfriend. When I refuse being his friend he was angry at me and told people he don't care about me. He get jealous if he hang out with a mutual friend who a guy. I apologize many times to my ex of my problems I did to him, he leaves it on seem never replies. I gave up and got a new boyfriend. When I got a new boyfriend my ex stared at us, spy on us, & evedrop our conversation. At the final month left of being a high school senior (single me) & graduating I text my ex I never want speak to him again & he stare at me from the comer of his eyes upset. If I text him now since we are in different college he makes the convo quick but leave me on seen if I mention the past. If his friends mention the past he refuse talk about it.

Why is my ex behaving like this?
It OBVIOUS my ex won't give me a second chance & trying find a new girlfriend.


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  • Your ex is childish. Cut him out of your life completely and forget about him. You'll be a hundred times better off.


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  • He sounds like an idiot to me. You need to move on.