I feel guilty even though he's not my boyfriend?

So my guy friend and I are taking a break. I've been pretty emotional with everything going on in my life and the thing is I really liked him, too. I kept pushing a relationship whereas he kept saying I'm not ready for one right now. I mean we are still friends and he hinted at the fact that there might be something in the future, but my stress was getting out of hand, so I told him I need a break from him to regroup myself. I don't want there to be any weirdness so I figured during this time I should find ways to get my mind off of him. And I thought talking to other guys would help but I just feel so guilty, like I'm betraying him. Like I keep thinking that he's gonna think I'm not loyal to him or something. What do I do? What do you guys think?

I've never slept with, held hands, cuddled, or kissed my friend. If anything, the only physical thing we do is hello/goodbye hug. I know I liked him and wanted more but he says that I have to be patient and let nature take its coarse. I'm a pretty impatient person so it's adding into my stress, which is why I think getting over him by talking to other guys would help while we're not talking, but it's only making me feel extremely guilty.


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  • If you didn't fuck, then no harm. I am proud of you for not doing it. You love your man.


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  • I think it's a really good thing your doing. Sometimes we have to do this