Why is my cheating ex angry and upset?

My ex boyfriend cheated on me but still wanted to be friends. He broke up and try to make another girl his girlfriend, but that girl already had a boyfriend. When I refuse being friends with my ex, he was first upset and then became angry at me and told people he don't care about me. He get jealous if I were to hang out with a mutual friend who a guy. I apologize many times to my ex on text of the things I did wrong, my flaws, problems, I caused in the relationship but he leaves it on seen, & never replies. I gave up on him, moved on, and got a new boyfriend. When I got a new boyfriend my ex boyfriend will stared at us, spy on us, & evedrop our conversation. At the final month left of being a high school senior (single me) & graduating I text my ex boyfriend I never want speak to him again since he cheated on me & he left it on seen. At graduation he stare at me from the coner of his eyes upset after what I text him. If I were to text him now since we are in different colleges he will makes the convo quick but leave me on seen if I mention out past or if I apologize. If his friends mention the past he refuse talk about it.

Why is my ex behaving like this?
It OBVIOUS my ex won't give me a second chance & trying find a new girlfriend.


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  • Still wants to nail you.


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  • He just doesn't want to talk to you anymore. What's done is done. You need to let go.