I have a problem with my relationship its been more than 4 months trying to sort but end of the same problem?

We are going around from one and half year, a while ago i met my ex jus for a drink i told him the next day i thought then and there everything was sorted but its not every now and then my partner brings up this topic and start fighting. Now he has started everyday he keeps saying i dun luv him i have found someone else in which is not the truth.. More over from 2 montgs he started to abuse too much he started to abuse at work place infront of friends which really hurts me but still i keep quite... From past 3-4 months according to my observation he is been doing too much of drugs i guess that is the effect... i tried sorting this problem tried everything but end of the he starts d same again i am really depressed about all his behaviour... i really love him i can't let him go.. please help me out to figure wats the problem how can this be sorted..


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  • None of this make any sense what so ever. You fell in love with a guy who clearly got issues. Then you try working things out and nothing work as of yet. Look you can only change you. You put your heart in to the wrong person. Let him be. Yes it's hard and even if you love him. Do you enjoy the mental and emotional roller coaster he's putting you through? Or enough is enough. Let him know why you left so he can better himself. Then distance yourself. You need to know when to let go or you'll be one miserable girl. You'll date another that's 100xs better than your ex. But you'll still like your ex cause your use to his bad behavior.


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to let him go, otherwise the relationship will reach new levels of abuse. Your boyfriend doesn't seem eager enough to change. He keeps repeating his old patterns. I am sorry, but the only right option is to leave.