Why is my crush ignoring me?

she barely talks to me now, we're partners for class and usually we ALWAYS talk and laugh at each other. There's this one time when I was on my way to class and we both gave each other dirty looks for some reason, but I don't know if that has to do with her ignoring me because, after that we still talk in class. and now whenever I see her, she sees me but she looks in my direction and not at me.. Like she knows im there but she never looks at me or say hi. But she's like really different in class, she talks to me and we both laugh at things but outside of class she's like really different, What do I do? Why is she doing this?


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  • hmm.. it looks like she feels like she can only talk to you when you have that class together. maybe she's scared to approach you outside of class. she could be afraid of your reaction or something or she's really nervous and doesn't know what to talk about with you outside of class.

    her looking into your direction is kinda like staring but more of a sneaky kind. you know, so it doesn't show too much. she's defenitly keeping an eye on you (in a good way). My advice is asking for her number in class. try to text her sometimes and eventually if things are going well, ask her out. Or heck, if you can't wait ask her out next time you see her. From what i read there is nothing to loose and you like her so its worth a shot, right? :)


What Guys Said 1

  • she's catching feelings bro, ask her out on a date