How can I be better and more desirable than taller guys in the dating world?

I live in a really tall country, not from there, but the vast majority of guys are significantly taller than me. When it comes to girls, I am at a height where I'm taller than most of them, but just barely. Pretty much any girl I meet that I am attracted to I only have by an inch or so.
So obviously any girl that is quite attractive or even moderately attractive has quite a few options. What can I do to increase my chances that a girl will pick me when she probably has a dozen other tall guys to choose from?
In what ways can I stand out and be better than all those taller guys?
Does playing guitar help? Maybe being good at cooking?
And please dont mention confidence and money, those are too obvious.


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  • You can't.


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  • Someones in the neatherlands lol. Listen brudda there is no scenario where you're shorter than me. im not one to brag but i dont know a guy thats been with more women than me. You know that look you get on your face when a guy rolls into a place and there is a girl with him clearly out of his league? Im that guy, short, average looks. I dont even make a lot of money.
    It wasn't always this way. I didn't work on it, i stopped working on it and worked on myself. I can cook, my place is always clean, eat right, sleep right work out like the hunger games are in 10 weeks. Drop any bad habits. Work on your music, study everything. Learn to fight if you dont know how. Work on everything get out of your comfort zone and one day, sooner than you think you'll wake of 6 percent body fat, a little smarter a little stronger and your very core will be made of confidence.


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  • Yeah, skills help. But I think even more important is to be happy and friendly. I mean really friendly with everyone, not just the girls you want to date. Learn the names of everyone around you, boys and girls, and greet them by name whenever you see them. Ask people about their lives, listen and remember. The girls will be chasing you.

  • its tough as tall guys tend to naturally be more attractive to a lot of girls , there are ways to even things out a bit , money would be one , if you had a better job or something. personality is another factor if you were funny or easy going or whatever but gave the girls some reason to talk to you that would help

  • Playing an instrument and writing your own songs will help you. You can express your ideas through songs and when they hear it they will get to know you and may like you because of that.