My Tinder ta! Opinions?

So in September I matched with a guy on tinder. I messaged him about a day later, and the next day I walked into class, and there he was. Only he was my TA. Neither one of us really acknowledged this or each other. However, as the semester has gone by we often talk before and after class, joke around, etc. He is a nice guy though, so I'm not sure if this is necessarily flirting. However, he hasn't deleted me off tinder yet.
I like him, like a lot. He is 100% my type. Also, he is 25 and Im 22, so it's not like I like him just because he is my TA or anything.
Opinions? Should I do something, say something?


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  • Uh... why not message him on Tinder? If you match then obviously you want to meet or... whatever.

  • Just keep it going.. I would advise against doing anything.. he could get in trouble

  • You guys should fuck in the classroom. Dress up as a school girl and have him be the TA who fucks you over the table. Hell, create a script where you desperately need to pass the class.

    • you know... i would be okay with that... :P

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