I've tried to get a girlfriend but I have not been really successful. Any advice? I don't know the reason girls stare at me but are cold when I try?

I was at a party and I was talking casually to a girl named Jamie and later went to go do my own thing. Later one of her friends came up to me (that girl is also a friend of mine) and told me that she wants to officially introduce me to the Jamie that I was talking to before. When she brought me up to Jamie and her friends, my friend asked me which girl do you think is the hottest out of all of them. I felt awkward and pointed at a guy that was sitting next to them and said he was the hottest as a joke. Then my friend asked in front of her if I thought that Jaimie was hot and i was like " ya, she's a good looking girl..." and walked away. Later I asked my friend if she was just making fun of me or messing with me and she was like "no, she told me that she wants to meet you officially and thinks your hot." Jamie was looking away from me and looking to the side awkwardly (uncomfortably). Do you think all those girls probably think Im good looking or was she messing with me.

This girl is 1 yr older than me. I asked her to come hang out with me and my friends the other night over fb and she said "no, i need to give my legs a break from partying because (she is wearing a caste) but you guys go have fun!" I feel like she is more popular than me, older than me, and that is why it won't work out? Do you guys think her friends are making fun of her for even thinking that im cute or even dateable?


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  • Definitely overthinking this. I'd say it seems girls are into you, but that you need to work a little more on how to talk to talk :) Like, you shouldn't have walked away when you said Jamie was good looking, that's probably why she didn't know if you were joking. Should've said something like, "why, who's wondering?" and acted cute haha. Next time, instead of asking on fb, whenever you find yourself in front of a girl you're attracted to, always strike up a conversation. "So, you from around here," "What do you think of the event?" etc. Make sure to ask in the end for contact info: "so do you have Snapchat or something?" and make sure it all leads to you asking something like: "hey there's this restaurant I think you'd love! Have some spare time?" and such.

    • Practise makes perfect. You sound like people are interested, so it's just a matter of you getting comfortable.

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    • yeah, she told me to not take wht her friends say seriously so i think that is pretty clear dont you think so? dont you think that is effed up of them?

    • Yeah that's pretty clear. Honestly, I'm almost 24 and still feel anger towards people like that from many years ago, just shows how repulsive they are. I wouldn't want to be them. Thank goodness you found out their true intentions early.


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  • When a girl is into you, she honestly doesn't care what anyone says lol all that matters is she finds you cute. I'd say go for it.

    • but i tried on fb and got rejected?

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    • Then move on, don't be sad over it. Plenty more fish.

    • just found out that her friends were fucking with her... damn girls can be viscious and that messes with the guys emotions too!

  • Hello, first of one year of difference is nothing, stop thinking about reasons why she"s better than you.
    No one is better than you, you're a person and as a person you have somthing to offer.
    You have to stop depreciating yourself, show a little bit confidence without being scornful, explore your qualities, show your qualities and be yourself. And all the girls will be around you.

  • Ask women on dates to get to know them. You are a guy so you should not feel bad for asking a lady out. If you asked one women out per week you could probably find someone within a 3 months :)


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