I really really like my girlfriend but I don't really know how to show her how much I really like her, how can I show her?

So me and my girlfriend have been dating for a few months and I just really adore her she's so amazing, there's almost nothing I don't like about her. I think she's beautiful and amazing and perfect but how can I show her how I feel? We're both 16 by the way.


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  • You can give her a little mason jar that's all decorated and put different little pieces of colored paper that have all the reasons why u like her

  • Do sweet things for her, get or make her little gifts, tell her, compliment her

    • What kind of gifts do you mean? I tell her when it seems appropriate and I try to compliment her a lot, she's got pretty low self esteem and I want to help her with it so I compliment her a lot. She doesn't always think she deserves to be loved but I want to show her she does

    • Just little things she likes, her favorite candy or drink or little things that remind you of her

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  • be creative... what do you both like.. what is a really small thing that you and her talked about that meant a lot to you two... if its an object bake a cake in the shape of it... if its a phrase, song, movie, activity, saying etc. write a poem about it... if you really want to go all out (this is of course if you play any instruments) write her a song.