What does it mean when a girl takes your number but doesn't call you?

Okay so listen, there were two women that I was attracted to, both of these ladies were amazing to me... I asked for both their numbers and they both decided to take mine instead, but neither of them ever called.πŸ˜” (Yeah I was a little salty)πŸ˜’ Anyway so now when I see them there's that awkward feeling πŸ˜’ Whet did I do wrong?πŸ€” Why even take my number if you don't wanna Talk to me? Was it just a nice gesture to not hurt my feelings? If I had known this would be the outcome I would e never asked... Now I feel like a loser cuz friends know both of these girls an I don't really hit on girls anymore but the one time in years I decide to try I get turned down lol I'm not fat, in great shape, I'm not a loser either... But anyway have any ideas what I did wrong?πŸ€”


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  • My guess is maybe their busy and haven't had the chance to call you or they took your number to be nice. It may have not been something you did, maybe you were just not their type or their not looking for a relationship at the moment. How long has it been since you gave them your number? Overall, it's takes guts to give someone your number and you did it, so you should be proud of yourself. :)


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  • Maybe they just aren't interested And they don't know how to say that to you in person... Or maybe they are just busy

  • She us polite but not interested in pursuing you. Some women prefer to be chased.

    • I asked for her number and she said "um... how about I have yours?"πŸ€”Actually they both said that

  • Did you tell them to go away after your saltiness?

    • Ahahaha nah it's just this tension in the air and awkwardness now...

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    • I'm actually very shy lol it took me forever to gain the courage to approach lol u have no idea

    • But if I must man up again and take the lead then so be it! Piece of cakeπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

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