Why has she stopped being so affectionate with me?

The girl I've been dating for the last month has suddenly stopped being so affectionate with me. We get on really well, and we slept together last weekend. The strange thing is, is that she still wants to see me but she's not herself. She always tired, but I can tell she's trying to make an effort to not seem so down. I asked her if there was something going on and if I could help, and she said work and family were stressing her out a bit but she didn't want to talk about it as it was unnecessary and didn't want to scare me away with her "problems". She said I was a good release, and made her forget about anything bad going on.

I know she wants to avoid a drama, but she looks like she has a million things on her mind. She's stopped trying to hold my hand and never cuddles me in bed anymore. I know I haven't known her long, but I want to try and help her out in someway. The lack of affection is also bothering me.


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  • I go cold too when I'm too stressed. I don't like to drag people to my issues. Encourage her to talk about it. If she feels safe with you she will open up and start reaching back to you.


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  • People become a little distant when they get stressed out or depressed. It's common.
    Keep doing what you are doing by making sure she knows you can talk to her, but don't probe.

    "I know you don't feel like talking about it, but I want you to know that I am here for you if and whrn you need me."

    As long as she knows you are there, it isn't a problem. Some people work through things better by themselves. Give her time.

  • She's fucking someone else. Dump her.