HELP!!! What's happening in my relationship?

Me and boyfriend are together for a year now and this week is our anniversary. 2 weeks ago I moved from my old home and now my home is far from him , we don't go to the same school either. He didn't come to see me for 2 weeks now because my house is far and he doesn't want me to go to his home. What does this mean? Is it possible that he is cheating on me or he doesn't love me anymore?


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  • After 1 year, if he doesn't. Want you to come to his home or meet his brothers and sisters and family members. Don't BS yourself, he doesn't love you.
    Coz people who really love u and care about you, they would want to show off you in front of their family saying what a great catch u are,
    I'm sorry, this chump doesn't love u.

    • Nooo I already met his family and friends and I had meal with them. They all know me and like me. It's just now that he said that he doesn't want me to go to his home and that my home is too far for him.

    • Well then I don't see much of a problem there,
      But still I would say give him space, because letting u meet his family and all, guys don't do this sh1t with hoes, we do this with the woman we love.
      So he loves u for sure, just chillax

    • Thank you so much :)

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  • I wouldn't sweat it. He might just not want you to travel all that far just for him. Maybe ask why he doesn't want you. Or you could talk to some friends from your old school where he goes to if anything is going on! I hope you all the best.


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  • Please try to calm yourself down, he's probably just coming up with something to make your anniversary more special

    • I hope this is true :) thank you

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  • Please ask him, even though it is hard