What time frame did you ex comeback into contact with you?

when did they call you text or anything after the break up?

  • 1-5 months...
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  • 6-11 months...
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  • 1-5 years...
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  • Never...
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  • other (comment below)
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  • Less than a month. And then once a month almost to the day.


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  • The very next day (wanted friendship), wished me happy birthday (2 months later), I put a stop to it by wishing her all the best and made it clear that I didn't want any friendship with her (the reason being she left me to be with another guy), then a year later (when they broke up of course, wanted to 'catch up' with me), I denied it and low and behold she got another shiny new boyfriend within a week, another year has passed now, I don't think that relationship of hers worked out either, but then again I don't really care either.


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