Is it sometimes necessary to look for a relationship?

I am tired of being alone and I've tried the whole "just wait and it will happen" thing and have gotten no where. It feels like now i try to hard and no girl is interested. I dont think im needy but im so tired of being alone there is a big world out there and i want some one to share it with even for just a small amount of time. I won't date people i meet online and i never get a chance to meet new people. How do i get myself out there?


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  • If you want a relationship and to change your life , then you need to create opportunities to meet new people. That'll open up the way to meet a potential girlfriend.

    The more you look for new experiences and opportuinites the more chance you have of finding a girl who you can have a relationship with.

    Like they say, life doesn't get better by chance... it gets better by change. Nothing gets handed to you. You have to create yourself and your own life


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  • Yes, of course it's necessary to put in effort in order to find someone to start a relationship with. You realize that all that mumbo-jumbo about just waiting for Mr./Mrs. right to find you are fairytales, right?


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