Is she waiting on me to make the move? Confused?

We've talked for a few months although we've never met in person. About a month ago, we both hinted we wanted to meet. The following week I was guna ask her out, but I fell ill with a cold (I told her too). This cold has lasted 3 weeks (no joke) and we have not texted since I told her I was ill (almost a month has gone by). Is she not interested or what? Waiting for me to contact her when i get better? I dont understand, help?


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  • She probably thought you saying you were sick was a lame excuse to stop talking to her. Being sick doesn't mean you can't text someone. So yeah, she probably assumed you lost interest.

    • wtf? How did you get that out of what I wrote lol? I mean what I say!! So confusing you girls good lord then you end up confusing yourselves

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    • so.. just an update, i shot her a text and she replied. We exchanged a few messages, not sure it says anything

    • Then ask her

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  • Probably lost interest and discovered some bomb D