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Ok so i love this girl very much and i met her before 8 months in first days she approached me and we talk and we become friends fast and we go out a lot i draw her and give it to her and i sayed i like she blushed and smiled and said thank you for drawing her friend's start whispering with her saying is he like you he is very handsome and smiled at me after week i ask her what do you think about what i have did she said sorry we are just friends i ask her why she said i don't have the same Feelings and from then i ignored her for 5 month's and started just talking casually with her and past tow weeks she started to stare a lot at me during classes and in hallway and we always maintains eye contact in class for 2 minutes and she smiles at me i don't know but my heart is saying that she has feelings for me i can feel some intensity when we stare at each other it is like we magnet each other and today we have to do a work everybody were writing but we just looked at each other and smile togather now what do you think all should i talk to her again all my friends says that she likes me by the way im 16 and she is 14 please just try to help me? And thanks


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  • Well there is da age but its ok just go for it but never let ur guard down things happen wen u do dat ur feeling for one gets hurt an we can have dat here sum thing try dis one walk up to her an kiss her an if she pushes u back then it wasn't meant to be but if she kiesses u back she likes u


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  • ask her out

  • i think you are too young to be so dramatic about things.

    • Im not Dramatic but i do really love her from my heart

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