Is a lack of initiating texts ALWAYS a sign of a low level of interest in a person?

Can business affect this?

Does it even matter who initiates?

"busyness" sorry!


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  • No Big Excuse Except.. Laid back or Lazy. At least YOU should Not always Have to be the Main Drain Initiator Here, dear. xx


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  • Yeah lack of initiating is a lack of interest. Response time is a little different due to being busy, but if someone never reaches out in the first place, they don't care.

  • My situation is at the moment I'm single if had a girlfriend I can not afford to always top up my phone because my situation I am in!! that might seem to a girl like I was ignoring and losing interest in her which it is not the case so while it may seem the guy is losing interest by not always texting the girl but sometimes it's not always the case and sometimes it might just be the case 👍


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  • If somebody wants to talk to you they will talk to you.
    I know it sounds harsh but it's true.
    Give it three days and see if the person texts you first.

    • I actually asked the person in question as I said I felt like he wasn't bothered anymore and I didn't want to be "flogging a dead horse" - he came back to say he was really sorry he had been so busy (has a kid) and not to worry and we'd meet up soon. I was worried I was bugging him with my messages and he said to carry on... yet he used to initiate a lot more before we met up.