What are the odds of being in love with every guy or girl you ever date?

I dont mean having strong feeling for them or havkng a great relationship. I mean truly being in love with them and having feels for them you can't explan and sometimes find annoying wjen you can't get them off your mind. I dont mean thinking your in love with everyone you date or having a big crush on them. I mean falling in love with them aka.. Just asking since eveyome often say eveyone i ever date i was in love with. So you date 11 plus guys or girls n were in love with all 11? Is being in love with someone very rare to find? like feeling like this person was made for you aka soul mates.


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  • Infatuation can feel similar to being in love. Though they are very different. I've only been properly in love with one person in my life. I fall very quickly for people but thats infatuation, I just have a big heart that I want to fill with people but I've only been in love properly once.

    • Do. u sill love that person today?

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    • Na she was 19 at the time But will ne 21 this year

    • But yes it was

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  • Truly in love, probably very rare. A lot of people think they're in love sometimes and probably really aren't. Just infatuation and/or lust.