How should I go about this first date tomorrow?

Basically, I'm going on a date with this girl where I have a strong feeling of it going nowhere. So how can I troll/act like an idiot on this date? I might as well have some fun on the date if it's not leading to anything.


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  • Tell her that your plan is to quit using a car in the next year or so and start rollerblading your way every single place you go in order to be earth friendly and that one time you shat yourself because you had too much of______ (insert whatever food ur eating that very moment)


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  • This is the first time I've ever seen a post as crazy as this. But I understand from your perspective.

    You can go 3 ways buddy.
    1) Since you just want to just use this time to enjoy yourself one last time. Then enjoy yourself and your date and once the date ends, just straight up dump her, (But you should at least explain the reasons why though). The only thing you probably need to to worry is getting slapped in the face or some form of collateral damage, but I think you already experience too much of that as a tool, so why not?
    2) If you dated this girl for a while, I'm sure you've ran into some pet peeves of her or she seen your personality well enough that you can exploit it or plays opposite day towards her and have a field day.
    3) Or like you said, play like a fool. Act like an idiot on the date, do some stupid shit, you know that #YOLO stuff that you'll regret but end in shits and giggles.

    But for real though man, why waste your valuable time? You probably be better chasing other women than wasting your time chilling with her. Time is valuable and so is yours. Just breakup and move on. Hope this helps.


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  • Why are you even bother to go on a date and you know its not going to go anywhere? Your wasting her and your time.

    • I don't care. My dates didn't work out back when I acted like a tool and was nice, so why not have some fun with this date?

  • Either cancel or just don't make plans to have a 2nd date. Make sure that you let her know how you feel. Who knows maybe you'll feel otherwise after the date.

    • I'm not canceling! I'm going just so I can make a fool out of myself.

    • Why waste not only her time but yours as well? If you don't think it's going to work out then there's no point in trying.

  • why bother going on the date? save yourself the money and time


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  • Or you could just cancel it last minute, at least you'll be less of an asshole doing that. Just seems like a big waste of time.

    • Why does it matter? I might as well have some fun if I'm out

    • It doesn't matter to me at all, u just posted on a site where people give their opinions and I gave mine.