Is this an invitation to ask her out over instagram?

I have a hobby and I posted stuff that I made on Instagram. A random girl seemed to like my stuff every time I posted and it was pretty hard to find so maybe she must have searched a bit. Turns out she has the same hobby as me but she is more of a professional.

I suggested to her that she should go to a conference related to her hobby but she told me she could not go because it was too far away and gave me a wink. Maybe she wanted to me to invite her to another conference related to our hobby so she can meet me? I wanted to go to a conference like that too.

Now she is a bit cold to me so maybe she must have thought I won't invite her in a place where she can get to meet me?


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  • No, that was not an invitation to ask her out.


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  • let honesty riegn. ask her with a soft apology