I like the Library lady?

Hello guys, I'm having a problem. I frequent this library quite often. There's this lady that works there that I'm infatuated with. She's always checking me out and starring at me. I have caught her from across the room. I really want to get to know her, but I don't really want to bother her at her place of work. How should I go about this? I was thinking I could ask her to help me "line space" a paragraph and have her read a love paragraph that I typed. Would that work maybe? Or should I go with a more manly approach? What should I say? Help please. My heart yearns to get to know her


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  • Don't do that. That will confuse her and it might also make her feel uncomfortable. Maybe you should ask her to hang out with you after work instead. It's way better than having her line space a paragraph in order to read your feelings about her.


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  • The line spacing idea is corny. Be a man. At the end of her workday, go up to her, introduce yourself, compliment her, and ask her out.

    • I never see her after work.

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    • If you did it repeatedly, but just until you got a chance to talk to her, no.

    • Agreed the line spacing thing is weird AF maybe it wouldn't be so damn weird if you didn't call it a "love paragraph" talk to her a couple times before you ask her out maybe. Obviously you both like books chat her up about her favorite.


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  • "Mind if I... Check you out?"


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  • Don't use an excuse. Just be honest and straight up. Introduce yourself, engage in stimulating/interesting conversation and ask her out.

    ***note***: some girls still don't realize they're being asked out so make sure she knows it's a date.

  • Get her drunk.