Girls, Guys dating guys who have a past of self harm?

Girls would you date a guy with self harm scars? These scars were from years ago but they never went away, even though he stopped cutting years ago. Would you date him?


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  • It wouldn't stop me from wanting to go out with him. I'd respect and admire him a tonne for overcoming something so huge.

    My boyfriend describes himself as having scars from his depression, though all psychological, and he worries me sometimes because he'll lash out at himself on occasion by punching his legs or even his head one time (left a huge bruise :'( ). I don't love him any less for that. We support one another, and his mental health problems are one of the things I support him through


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  • I've only considered dating other guys with self harm scars because I have a decent amount of my own. I need a guy who understands what I went through when I put them there because he'd be seeing them if we ever had sex. That's actually one of my biggest fear with men. People tell my I have a sexy ass and thighs all the time, but I can only imagine them freaking out if they ever saw the scars I put all over them.

    I had a friend in high school whose scars I played with all the time. For me, tracing another person's scars is the biggest emotional connection you can make.

    A met a guy in a club one time who had a matching scar on his left hand that I have on mine. His was much more visible than mine, so he probably didn't know I had one too. He pulled away when I traced it and asked him where it came from. He didn't answer, so I knew what it was from. He was so sweet to me.