Is it desperate if you message a guy on Facebook first?

I've known the guy for some years now. We're not close or anything but our families are good friends. He lives in the UK currently and I'm in the US. I've talked to him in person a little. I've also messaged him when his father died with my condolences. I've also messaged him on holidays a few times.

I've never messaged him just to say hi. Is it desperate if I do?


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  • Nope, do it.


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  • You can never sound desperate by just saying "Hi" unless you say it multiple times unanswered. Did he try to keep a conversation going when you messaged him in the past?

    • It was just small talk or just saying thanks, hope you are well.

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    • I disagree. I think you should continue to reach out to this guy. I've initiated with a guy multiple times, even sending 4 texts and we've become a great pair. IF he likes you, there is no way he would be bothered or find it desperate unless you send Whiney needy texts like "why aren't you talking to me?; I miss you; why don't we talk more; etc"

    • Sometimes guys just don't initiate because they don't see the importance. Sometimes YOU have to show that you ARE into them for them to pick up on it. Be fearless; we have one life.


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  • no...


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  • Not at all. Guys like it if they like you.