I feel ugly In my relationship?

We have been dating 1 month so I thought things would be pretty wild well boy was I wrong I dress up in nice bras and underwear and I get nothing I try to dress nice for him and nothing he's always distracted on things like YouTube he only wants sex 2-3 times a week and he can barley last 5 minutes! He calls me pretty the odd time but I just want him to look at me and touch me I send him nudes and he basically changes the subject Iv told him how I feel but I get nothing Other guys think I'm sexy as hell and would love to see my body and I do get guys who stare and talk to me on the street so why does he treat me like Iv been hit by a car I may as well give up and dress in baggy pants and messy hair


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  • Time to change things up and find someone new.


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  • He's probably just shu