Girls, how can I approach a girl when she's with friends?

Im having trouble approaching a girls that im physicaly attracted. Because she's always with friend guys and i don't know how i could ask her number infront of them



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  • do u know her from any class or talk to her before in one of one in person?

    • No iv'e never talked to her i just know that she's in a class that teach students how to talk french (in french it's called acceuille)

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    • Unfortunately i can't go to that class because i know how to speak french and it's for students who recently arrived from another country

    • Well u can just casually wait for her outside class. Like "bumping" to each other and ask her then. I don't know...

  • Pretend that they're not there. They'll probably make comments, but just don't listen to them.

  • lol my opinion don't do it. it will just make it harder on yourself and you won't accomplish what you want to. so in general try to get a girl alone and later on start coming around her friends. so try to catch her alone or when you feel like no one is paying attention tap her elbow and pull her to the side and ask and then quickly keep moving. now one circumstance that would be okay to straight up approach is when you have a friend with you. that way you can talk to the girl you wanna talk to and your friend can keep the other girl or girls occupied.