Does he mean it, or was he just saying it?

I met a guy online and we been texting for the past 4 week, we haven't met because we have busy schedules- he's a lawyer. Last night I texted him as I was passing by the area where he works and told him that he came across my mind as I happened to be walking through his work area and to have a good evening- this was at 8pm.

He text back saying 'aww we would have been very close, and thanks for thinking of me and hope you have a good weekend planned' - I didn't reply as I was out for the night.

3 hours later, he said 'just on my way home... letting you know that I thought of you too ;)'

Does he mean it? Or was he just saying it because I said it first?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He thinks it's cute. He probably likes you a bit more now.


What Girls Said 2

  • Even though you texted him that first , he obviously thought about you at the precise moment when he texted you it. So I'd assume he means it.

    I think it's quite endearing that he texted you that back

  • its cause you said it first