Do you think he's interested?

I approached this guy who goes to my church the other day cause he was sitting on his own. At the end I asked for his number and he put my number into his contacts. He's in his thirties and I'm in my twenties. During the conversation he kept asking me questions and seemed happy to be talking to me because he was smiling

A few days later he sent me a message and I responded and then he sent me another long message and at the end asked if I wanted to meet up with him.

Do you think he's interested.


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  • Whether he is or isn't, what are going to do about it? Let's say he was then what? Let's say he's not, what would you do? I know you didn't ask my smart mouth but if your not going to pursue him this this question is pointless. The only way to know is to hang out with him with out reading signs, body language, or none of that.


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  • Yeah.. He did the 2 or 3 day "rule" xD Lmfao. I mean. If he's willng to keep the convo going, smiles, and is willing to give you his phone # and ask you to meet (One on One.) He most likely likes you too, but just take it one step at a time. And why ask.. You like him too? Well, Good luck then c: and I wish you the best^

  • Uhm... He asked to meet with you. That's a yes. He's holding conversation. That's a strong hint. I would say almost definitely yes though if he is super religious maybe he is just being friendly.

  • No.

    For f*ck sake what more do you need? Go for it.


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