Am I being ghosted?

So I matched this guy on tinder and he popped up, we spoke for two days or so, the other night he happened to be going to the same club as me and when me and my friend got there he was right in front of me in the queue. We spoke and he was actually really cool, chilled a bit with him inside then his friends came and he had to stay with them. He messaged me after saying he was sorry for leaving but we should meet up properly next week, I said I'd love to but since then.. nothing. This was early Saturday morning. I've had my fair share of ghosting on tinder but this guy genuinely seemed cool and into me, I guess I'm just hoping it's not another one of those situations. Any advice on what I should do?


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  • he is avoiding u to see what will u do text him in the morning when u wake up for example saw u in my dream and things like that but not every day... show him that u r interested but not like crazy interested

  • It's only been a day. Wouldn't worry about it yet