My boyfriend of two years were arguing all day about me feeling like he was ignoring me, finally he said he was going to sleep andwas done arguing, a few minutes later I texted him just explaining how I felt so we could squash it and I also apologized for over reacting. 10 minutes later he called me and asked to come over... I told him I was in another state at my other house ( he had already made it clear we weren't seeing one another that weekend because he needed to study for his test on Monday- so I made other use of my time and went to check on my house and see my child- I didn't tell him, didn't think I needed to because we weren't gonna see each other) he said "it all makes sense now I'ma call you back". He didn't so I tried calling him, no answer so I went to bed. The next morning i hadn't heard from him so I tried calling on my lunch break and I discovered he blocked me, so I went on Facebook and seen he unfriended me.. I wrote him a message anyways just asking him why. Later that night i called him from a friend's phone and asked him why he blocked me, and he hung up in my face.
I haven't contacted him since and haven't heard from him either. That was a week ago.
What happened and is this fixable who should I do?


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  • My guess is he thinks you're out of state, cheating on him. I'd tell him you didn't cheat if he talks to you. I have a feeling he won't believe you though.


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  • Let him call you back as he said. And gives him time to cool down