Should I ask him what his intentions are?

I met a guy on tinder and we hung out twice. The first time he was drunk and I was sober and nothing happened, he only touched me to give me a hug when I left. The second time was yesterday, and we were both sober until I left. We hung out in his room and I had a little too much to drink. We made out and we did remove most of our clothes. I asked if the door was locked and he said yes but I got up anyway to check which is when he noticed there's no way we should do anything more because I was tripping all over the room. He looked at me and said "I really like you and you're a really nice girl but you are too drunk and I'm really worried about you" and he called my best friend who came to get me. He was going to take the bus back with my friend and I but his roommate had called. Anyway, he'd said he'd text me and he did this morning. I'm not really sure what he's going for here since he was trying to hook up with me (no sex) but he did say he liked me and my friend said that he seemed to really like me when she came to pick me up. Should I be like be like "can I ask you something" and then say "what are your intentions exactly? I just don't want to have really high expectations lol"


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  • Yeah you should be able to do that especially if you want to know what you are getting into with him since it seems that it may be more than just a hook up

    • What should I say though? I told him I had fun and he said he did too, but I'm kind of drawing a blank now lol I feel like it's not something I could bring into conversation easily and I feel like it shouldn't be texted, but I go home for Thanksgiving break tomorrow night and I likely won't see him until afterward, even if he does ask me to hang out again.

    • Well you should ask him either about your intentions or about what he wants from being with you (you should also think about what you want with him). It's never as easy as it seems because it is such a big topic and changes quite a bit, but yeah it is something that probably shouldn't be over text

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  • Yes, I think it would be safe to ask him his intentions about you.