Should I pursue it?

Hi, just kindly asking for your opinion. A few month ago I met this girl and recently we've started talking and texting a lot (sometimes would text all night) and she even gave me a cute nickname. I did ask her out once but she wasn't free on the day I asked so she said she couldn't. Since she didn't reschedule, I thought she simply may not be interested. This was before we started talking and texting a lot. One time she was a tiny bit rude to me but on the next day apologised and told me she's very shy, which leads to me think that even if she wants to, she's probably too shy to ask me out instead. I'm wondering whether I should pursue this and ask her out again? We seem to enjoy each other's company and she even helped me one time with some of my work. What do you think? Any advice? Thanks! :)


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  • Do it one more time. If she says no, or if she uses another excuse, give up on her.


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  • I'd say go for it. Even if she says no, at least you'll know. Better than looking back wondering "what if"