I lost interest in my gf?

she just doesn't try.. her body can look good but she doesn't even try n it looks un attractive kinda like jaba the hut but not ass fat.. her ass is like big but flat..

i just feel like she doesn't care about her body...
thn she has more mustache thn me WTF..
like she has glasses how u dont see that.

am i wrong for not wanting anything with her anymore... ?


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  • You're obviously not meant to be with her if you care more about her looks than her personality.


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  • was she fine when you met her? If she was already like that, why are you losing interest now? Did you communicate to her that you wouold like for her to dress sexy? What do you like about her personality?

  • If you love her, encourage her. You aren't wrong from wanting her to put in effort, it shows she cares about her attractiveness to you. If you put her down, call her names and want her to know your feelings but she doesn't that can lead to resentment so I would try to guide her and ask her if she feels comfortable with herself. Maybe work out with her, suggest ways to improve but also hopefully you are where you need to be also.

    • i dont do that but i broke up with her... she still wants to talk to me? n has sex with me i told her 2 times we have to stop...

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    • she pissed me off too... we wer in the car with her friend.. n she says to her friend ,, "look what army guys do" to her friend. a video of guys fighting. i was like yayyyy wer done.. lmfao xD welp thanks for the advice

    • Yes, being in the army is hard enough don't need to be put down in meanness because of it, so you are not happy with her and you are done, that is good you see that. Choose women who you are attracted to their hearts and who they are, you deserve it and so do they :)

  • I'd leave. You're not even married and stuff and you're already losing attraction to her, just go lol.

    • ahahaha thank you

    • Any time haha! You'll find someone too irresistible to leave some time 🙃

  • U could talk about it to her and they to motivate her to take care of herself but do it in a way she doesn't get hurt. And if it doesn't work then u are always welcome to end it with her since, u want to be happy single or in a new relationship than wasting both of u guys time being with someone just because u don't wanna break up

    • i tried that didn't work...

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    • I don't think ur a douche for that. Same could be said if it was on reverse and of the guy started to gain more weight and not care of his personal hygiene. So... ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

    • exactly ! like i try... she doesn't even smell good.. like no spray no nothin WTF all my girls smell good.. in the past... but fuck it watever

  • you sound like a very special person who was once attracted to strange creatures.

    • ahaha or i got cat fished xD

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    • I guess that's your humanitarian efforts complete. ill notify the UN

    • ahaha thanks

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