Why is dating so confusing?

When will I attract who I am 'n' what I've given out into the world? So done with not attracting who I am 'n' what I deserve.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Dating is so confusing cause both parties never take the time to care about each other and play way to many games. girls gets to scared, so they don't reciprocate, they mad bad decisions and listen to the wrong sources, guys only want sex, if he truly love her he's mostly a nice guy women don't find attractive, the guy never cared anyway. Girls knows of this but love the affection, the attention, and how well he treats her but never accept the fight he do t care about her. Thus loops a bad boy vs nice guy thing. So women needs to understand you can only attract those whom you want. If want a bad boy then let the dominate you and he walk all over you later, if like nice guys then everything is 50/50 if you like nerds then do what needs do plus get interested what your love interested doing. If I make sense. Now days it's bout over thinking things that don't matter rather than let it flow.

    • Well I never played games, I always ask for what I have given out into the world, I have always been the good 'n' respectful woman who has ALWAYS went for the good 'n' respectful guys. But not once have they ever went for me. And how can I only attract who I want when the men I do want I can never seem to have? Because if anything, nothing is ever good enough unless I treat them like shit. I have never once met a good guy around my age that didn't wait until after they have been used up by the wrong women that they CHOSE to finally decide to show any interest in a woman who actually is worth it. I am so done with dating. I can never seem to get what I have BEEN EARNED. Women ALWAYS get the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they choose in life; while men get what they choose. I just don't understand. And then people wonder why I am so bitchy.

What Girls Said 1

  • People usually date many people till they find the one they are most compatible to. Keep trying.

    • True. I do as well. But I don't wanna have to date the person while I'm still getting to know them. But other than that... True.