I have been approaching men for the past 1.5 years. Why aren't guys asking me out on a date?

I do not approach guys a lot but I do more than most women. I am confused. I get hit on by men and women, and I do not dress revealing at all. I get told my people that Im pretty and nice.


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  • Why doesn't the relationship lasts? You shouldn't have to approach them unless like a specific guy that doesn't notice you

    • Im not sure what you reading sir, but this is about guys asking me out, im not in a relationship obviously

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    • Depends on what you mean by quality. I have been approached by men that are attractive if that is what you mean

    • Yeah ones that you like

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  • Even though they compliment you, they may also feel shy around you. They may fear sounding creepy by asking you out. They may not know how to go about dating you. I'm sure many people would love to date you. More sincere and committed people are going for more subtle looks on people than high-maintenced looks. Plus, you don't dress revealing, so that may cause them to feel comfortable approaching you. I've received compliments from people, and some of them didn't ask me out. Your personality is also what attracts people to you. Women can be modest-looking and be sweethearts. However, women who look hot can have a snotty personality. It goes the other way around, too. It's your overall appearance and personality that attracts people to you.


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  • Maybe you're too pretty very pretty. Or people lie to you and you're not good looking.

    • I have had people who did not like me admit that i am pretty so i doubt that

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  • Well if you're from a city like men, the guys are possibly dumb as hell. It's why I stayed single until I was ~21 despite being a very attractive girl and getting attention. It's like they would chicken out. Anyway, I ended up asking a crush of mine if he wanted to go check out this restaurant with me that I think he'd love and he agreed. Best conversation and he wasn't as nervous/scared anymore, and asked me the next time around. I suggest you do something similar :)

    • From a city like mine* haha

    • Im 25

    • Exactly, so it's important for you to do things yourself if they won't. by the way I'm 24 now and still a virgin, despite having a great boyfriend. He's waiting for me :) My own mom met my dad at age 27. It's not all about time as much as it is about making the best of it.