Why don't girls like guys who "try too hard."?

It seems to me that the type of guys girls say try too hard are guys who actually care a lot about being good to the person they love, and wouldn't cheat on them. what about that dont girls like? i have to admit that i've been accused of this myself but i would be impressed by a girl who did the same thing.


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  • 99% of girls have been screwed over by a guy and so they find the guys who try too hard or are "nice guys" are ones that they don't want to hurt and they would prefer to get hurt themself then hurt the guy so they steer clear of them hoping that the nice guy who cares will find someone "not as broken" to love not realizing that the nice guy is willing to help piece you back together and make you whole again


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  • I guess punching them is a mistake.

  • Because a lot of guys would drop everything in their life, just to serve her already...

    Now she is control, it becomes a game she has won and is boring.

    Girls like excitement, not knowing, mystery...

    They also want a guy who does his own thing so he won't be clingy.

    • Because clingy people are insecure and have low confidence...

      Like I know it sounds good, but if a girl dropped everything in her life for you... you might be like wtf, if she quit school, stopped pursuing her career and dreams just to be with you...

      and you wouldn't want that, you would feel guilty that she did that