Would it bother you if a girl /boy had their friend tell you they like you instead of them telling you theirself?

Would you mind if a person had their friend or another close person say they like you instead of the actual person?

  • No, it wouldn't bother me at all
  • No, but i would prefer if the person told me personally
  • Yes, that would bother me
  • Other
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  • It's very first grade. It comes across as immature and implies that he has trouble communicating. Plus, the big reveal that you like someone can be super romantic, so I'd feel robbed of that moment. If he was shy about telling me, I'd prefer that he at least leave me a cute note or something like that rather than going through someone else.

    • I totally agree with you : ( im currently in this situation where my friend told my crush i like him and now he seems uncomfortable talking to me

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    • I told her specifically to not tell him, and that i wanted to talk to him more so i could tell him myself but she didn't listen to me : ( and thank you

    • Well, that's a little different. Hopefully your friend disclosed that sharing your secret was her idea, and had nothing to do with you. Your crush can't blame you for the fact that your friend slipped up. I wish you the best!


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  • It comes across as childish if it doesn't come from the actual person. It could also come across as a joke, if it came from them personally it would be easier to see if they were joking or being honest.

    • oh i can see what you mean by that. god i shouldn't have even told my friends that i have a crush because they told him and now he's been seeming a little uncomfortable around me.

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    • Maybe you should apologize for your friends actions?

    • next time i see him i definitely will apologize. I asked him but he didn't really seem to remember what i was talking about but ill apologize anyway

  • Yes because I would like to know if they were serious about. When I was in highschool most guys would pick on me and tell me that their friend was interested just to make fun of their friend since I was one of the most unattractive girl in school. Even if someone told me face-to-face, I would still have a hard time believing it.

    • im really sorry that happened to you! that's not right at all and i can see it from the others point of view now. my friend sorta told my crush i like him and now he's been seeming a little off put : ( i dont what to do

  • no ıt wouldn't