I've noticed my boyfriend talks a lot about Relationships and Girls to his Boys... I don't like it?

I don't really have a reason to dislike it but I feel uneasy about it. His friends are always pointing out hot girls in front of me and him and he agrees but in a non sexual way. Like his friends would say 'damn she's fine' really loudly about a Girl walking past and theyd look at him and he'd say 'yh she's pretty'(maybe because I'm around). They call him Whipped which tells me when I'm not around he'd join in you know? by the way his friends are dating girls but they always talk about girls.

But then my boyfriend also talks about relationship and dating a lot to. His friends say things like 'Don't text her wait' or they give him stupid advice in general. They insult the guys that are texting there GFs in a group hangout. Most of this I see through his texts. I only know this because I ask him what they are talking about and can read the screen next to him to.

Is this normal? I feel like these guys could give stupid advice to my boyfriend because they peer pressure a lot. They also have this 'pick up that chick' mentality for every hot girl.


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  • Yes, that's normal. It's also immature and boorish. One ought not make comments the way they do in front of you. It's rude at any age. Of course he's toning it down because of your presence. At least he recognizes it's wrong and that's something to his credit. They do, too, and hence they are giving him a hard time about it. Perhaps he also knows better than to use their advice with you. Time will tell but I'll bet he does. In the meantime, you can avoid going out with him and his friends. There is no need to be mean about it. Just say no thank you. If he asks why, tell him, "when your friends make comments about females, it makes me uncomfortable. It's like the only reason they don't do it about me also is because I'm there. So when we spend time together, I prefer it's just us." He'll get it loud and clear and you won't have forced him to be defensive with some it's-me-or-them ultimatum. You'll have offered him a compromise that should work for both of you.


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  • I am sorry, but your boyfriend's friends sound like complete retards.


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  • At your age, of course it's normal. Girls are pretty much all that guys think about at that age. I wouldn't give your boyfriend such a hard time about it because when you get older, you'll look back on the things that were important to you at this point in your life and you'll also think that it was stupid. If you and your boyfriend are having fun, then let him have his fun with his guy friends too. If you take that away from him, all you're going to do is make him choose between you and his friends and if you do that, you might not like the choice he makes.

  • i go to my buddy for advice evry once in a while


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