Should I ask her out on a first date?

I have been liking this girl for some time already and we have been talking for two months like twice a week for she comes in my class and sits next to me twice a week. Now we are having a centralised exam and high school is about to end. No more lessons so there's no chance for us to talk anymore. Well, i have not forged a relationship where we can talk right away when we meet yet. She is an introvert whereby i am similar kind too but i am a little more social. But i feel like progressing things after this centralised exam by asking her out to a game of badminton or a stroll at the park maybe. We are not that close yet and i am not really experienced with dating so i am wondering if it is appropriate to ask out a girl who knows me but are not close friends yet. Will appreciate help from you guys..


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, you should definitely ask her out before high school ends.

    • Actually high school ends after the centralised exam..

      Do girls accept invitation from a near-stranger or asking in this way is a norm..

What Guys Said 2

  • My son... Become a man.. I cheer but jealous my son...

  • Talking means absolutely nothing to girls. Women just like attention. Sitting next to you means absolutely nothing.

    Anyways forget about her. High school is about to end. You form a relationship and go off to college. Either you guys go to the same college and might stay together or you go to separate college and she ends up dumping you because LTR are too much effort. Move on and find another girl brah.

    • May i know what counts since talking and proximity are not a big deal?