Why hasn't he asked me out?

I like a guy and I decided to tell him I did because I already knew he liked me back. We've been using my best friend as kind of a "middle man" and talking to her about each other often. I know he's afraid of rejection and weird because his last relationship didn't work out well, but everyone, including him, is positive that he likes me. We even admitted to each other 2 days ago, and since then we've talked more and more. He even started flirting even more than he already had been. Anyways, I'm a little nervous because he seems hesitant about asking me out. I guess we have a "thing" right now. I don't know why he's hesitant... it may be because he liked another girl before me who lives far away. They apparently don't talk anymore and told me he was getting over her. He knew that they wouldn't work out. He told my friend that he wants to wait a little before asking me out, and I'm super afraid that he's stringing me along. Please help!!


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  • He fear nervous and shy around you


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's taking time to get completly over his ex
    So then he can ask you out without having any other girl in mind