Hi! There is a girl at school that I like. Should I make the move now?

Hi! There is a girl at school that i like. Last year her friends made it clear that she goes crazy for me. I added her on snapchat and she sent me snap and talked to me sometimes and looked very interested. But because of some reasons i didn t make a move but sendt her snaps sometimes. She is kind of a girl that isn t experienced with boys and never had a boyfriend but she is very kind and a good person (and maybe a bit shy). While the time was moving i became more interested in her, but sometimes something makes me insecure. Sometimes she doesn t answer to my snaps and i don t know if she is interested anymore. We haven t talked really much since spring and she had birthday some weeks ago and i went to her and gave her a hug and talked to her. She seemed very nervous and i think she had difficulties with looking at me in the eyes but it looked like she asked me a few questions and wanted to continue with the conversation (maybe i m to optimist here?). i must mention that it was a short meeting and we weren t alone, we were with our friends. She doesn t use emojis when she sends me snaps but it s always a selfie og her smiling. So here is the question. I m gonna meet her at a party in the weekend and want to tell her about my feelings, but there is also another party in December where i m gonna meet her. Should do that in the weekend or wait and text/snapchat her more (because we havn t talked much since spring) and make the move in december? :) i'm 20 and she is 19


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  • Do it now, before she gets scooped up by soeone else.

  • Take your chance now.


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  • move it! take it from someone who know... next chance could be your last.