Guys, how did you eventually pursue a friend successfully after getting rejected the first time? Any tips?

What I have read is that do not actively pursue her anymore and just be a real friend. Do not be out of the scene altogether, but make contact at times just so she knows I am still around in case she changes her mind.

Thank you in advance.


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  • Why would you keep on pursuing someone who rejected you in hopes of them changing their mind? You're wasting your time with her.


What Guys Said 2

  • The problem is falling into the friend zone, once you are in there it can be difficult to get out. It sounds like you might already be there and it's unlikely to get any better while you stay there. You might have to consider taking some time away from her, so that she can't keep you in the friend zone. I'm not talking about doing it deliberately to hurt her, I'm talking about focusing on yourself for a while and giving her the space to even consider you as something more than a friend.

    • Thanks. Unfortunately, after getting rejected there is no off switch that we can just press. It just happened on Halloween. Talk about bad timing. The feelings will be there for X amount of time unless I meet another girl I like. Yes it is almost impossible to get out of the friend zone. I created a poll and 0/10 girls gave a guy a second chance.

      We were never best friends and met 3 months ago via my sister. Right now, we chat every couple of weeks like nothing happened. But of course I am still in pain.

  • Fuck that... Just move on. That's probably not what you want to hear, but realistically it's what you need to do for yourself. If she doesn't like you then good you've both moved on, if she's likes to play games then she'll come back around but like I said you should move on (even when she comes back around)...

    • Thanks. Do you suggest stay frie ds or cut off ties?

    • If she's a good friend that you can rely on and you enjoy spending time with then stay friends with her but don't make her a priority. Meet new girls that are more receptive to dating you. If she friend zoned you and you're the emotional tampon that she calls to dump on then abandon her.