Doesn't answer txt's. ?

Met this woman a couple of weeks ago. First week went great we stayed up late having drinks we kissed we've been texting heaps every day she said she really likes me and is enjoying getting to know me all was going great till about a week ago I always end up getting ignored texting now! Eg. I asked her if she wanted to come out to tea at a place I know there was no answer. It got late and I went to bed I couldn't sleep cause I was stewing on it. So I sent her a message saying " can't sleep" she replied straight away? I said hey! Finally got your attention! Lol. And she replies. " sorry I don't mean to be a bad friend. 😏😏 now I'm confused!! Were meant to be dating? Is she playing mind games? Have I just been put in the friend zone? I just don't know what to think anymore?


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  • She lost interest for some reason. Ignore her.


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  • Text messages, or texts for short.

    And yes, you were friendzoned hard. Sorry.